Saturday, January 08, 2011

Fresh! Florida Review; Native Issue

The new issue of Florida Review arrived at my doorstep when I got home from the holidays. Essays and poems and stories, Oh My! The issue is dedicated to Louis Owens and edited by Jocelyn Bartkevicius and Toni Jensen with cover art "Enchanted" by Marla Allison. The contents feature some of the usual suspects but also new emerging voices.

A special reading of the issue will be presented at the AWP at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C., and there will also be a panel of contributors for the conference, titled "A New Generation, a New Conversation."

I have two extra copies and if you write to me at I will mail the first two lucky people who respond your very own copy! Free!

Here's the Table of Contents:


  1. Gerald Vizenor - Captain Eighty
  2. Allison Adelle HedgeCoke - Ai-ye Ai-ye
  3. Travis HedgeCoke - Alien in Nature
  4. Layli Long Soldier - Mockery
  5. Stephen Graham Jones - Girls
  6. Erika T. Wurth - Like a Phoenix
  7. Natanya Ann Sturgill-Pulley - The Way of Wounds
  8. Thomas Peacock - Soft Wind
  9. Melissa Michal - Phillip
  10. Geary Hobson - Arrowhead


  1. Stephen Graham Jones - Another Final Frontier
  2. Sara Marie Ortiz - Flight
  3. Sara Marie Ortiz - Penumbra and Thrum
  4. Tiffany Midge - Ten Ways to Consider the Great Spirit
  5. Tiffany Midge - Of Birds: Variations on a Theme
  6. Tiffany Midge - Indian Chat Room


  1. Orlando White - Empty Set
  2. Orlando White - f
  3. Orlando White - h
  4. Santee Frazier - Mangled in the Demolition Derby
  5. Santee Frazier - Twice Ruined
  6. Santee Frazier - The Skewered Face
  7. Sherwin Bitsui - from Flood Song
  8. Thomas Hubbard - A Few Old Stories
  9. Tacey M. Atsitty - Calico Prints
  10. Tacey M. Atsitty - Mothway
  11. Tacey M. Atsitty - S. Influenza
  12. Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán - arco iris
  13. Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán - each stone
  14. Kimberly L. Becker - La Doncella
  15. Alice Azure - August Offerings
  16. Susan Deer Cloud - You Are Driving North in November
  17. Susan Deer Cloud - Globe
  18. Chip Livingston - Come to the Den of My Hills
  19. Chip Livingston - A Proposal
  20. Chip Livingston - Mixed Blood at Catholic School
  21. Denise K. Lajimodiere - Dakota January
  22. Denise K. Lajimodiere - The Bush Dance
  23. Denise K. Lajimodiere - Father
  24. Sy Hoahwah - Allotment
  25. C.R. Resetarits - Flint Hills
  26. C.R. Resetarits - Territories
  27. Marianne A. Broyles - Going Out to Sea


  1. Native Poetry: A Conversation Between Santee Frazier and Sherwin Bitsui

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