Monday, April 23, 2012

Red Riot: Emerging Native American Voices and Poetics by Natanya Ann Pulley

Bunky Echo Hawk 'Colonizer Bunny'
Natanya Ann Pulley guest blogs on 'Girls in a Tight Place.'  Read all about it HERE

Excerpt:  I began to write non-fiction without the pressure to speak to/for a people held in, between or from tradition. I wrote for me: the me that threw my arms up and said, I don’t know how to do any of it! How to recover a heritage—how to speak to a past time—how to hold it all together. My mother left the Navajo reservation when she was five to live with an LDS family in the Indian Placement Program.  There is too much in that one line for any one story, for one book, for one life. There is too much in it and I have learned to respect it. To respect that it is a still-beating thing. That my heritage shifts in color, size, texture. It sings many songs and continually cuts its own legs off to start again. It boils to steam and drifts to airs and comes back to me in rain, wind, in breath. In smog.

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lara said...

thanks for re-posting! so glad to have discovered your work through natanya's post.