Friday, April 19, 2013

Regenerations: Indigenous Poetry Series

 Lost Horse Press Adds New Poetry Book Series: Regenerations: Indigenous Poetry Series

Lost Horse Press is pleased to announce a new poetry book series entitled, Regenerations: Indigenous Poetry Series. The unique series will present inspiring and thought-provoking Native American voices in their original indigenous languages, providing an artistic, cultural and linguistic gateway towards language revitalization efforts in the Americas.

According to the organization Heart of the Earth—the national leader in Native language renaissance—advocating for realization of the Native American Languages Act, “there are approximately 225 Native American languages still spoken in the United States, 60 in Canada, and 125 in Central America. In South America, the number of Indigenous languages numbers in the range of 300 to 400. The majority of these languages are endangered or threatened. If these languages go silent, all the thousands of years of human knowledge—pharmaceutical plants, ceremonial knowledge, astronomical knowledge, cultural history, interpretation of treaties—this knowledge will be lost. It is like the burning of the Library at Alexandria taking place hundreds of times over.”

Regenerations: Indigenous Poetry Series will promote Native poetry which has always provided a vibrant source of artistic and community outreach while also combining the efforts of initiating endangered language preservation, education and research.

The series is currently accepting queries from emerging and established Indigenous poets who speak their tribal language or have resources to a tribal language speaker who can provide translation for their work. Please email queries to or mail to:  ”Regenerations”  •   Lost Horse Press  •  105 Lost Horse Lane  •  Sandpoint  •  Idaho  •  83864

Hunkpapa Sioux poet Tiffany Midge serves as the Series Editor, and Christine Holbert is the publisher.


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