Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Out of University of Arizona Press and soon to be available in October is SING; Poetry from the Indigenous Americas.

SING might seem familiar to devotees of Ndn poetry and that's because a third of it was in a journal called To Topos: Poetry International Published in 2006 by Oregon State University.

From the University of Arizona Press website:

Editor and poet Allison Hedge Coke assembles this multilingual collection of Indigenous American poetry, joining voices old and new in songs of witness and reclamation. Unprecedented in scope, Sing gathers more than eighty poets from across the Americas, covering territory that stretches from Alaska to Chile, and features familiar names like Sherwin Bitsui, Louise Erdrich, Joy Harjo, Lee Maracle, and Simon Ortiz alongside international poets—both emerging and acclaimed—from regions underrepresented in anthologies.

They write from disparate zones and parallel experience, from lands of mounded earthwork long-since paved, from lands of ancient ball courts and the first great cities on the continents, from places of cold, from places of volcanic loam, from zones of erased history and ongoing armed conflict, where “postcolonial” is not an academic concept but a lived reality. As befits a volume of such geographical inclusivity, many poems here appear in multiple languages, translated by fellow poets and writers like Juan Felipe Herrera and Cristina Eisenberg.

A reading from SING at The University of Arizona Poetry Center, November 7th, 2011, 7pm will feature editor Allison Hedgecoke, Sherwin Bitsui, Travis Hedge Coke, Natalie Diaz, Mariah Gover, Simon Ortiz, Layli Long Soldier, Laura Tohe, Orlando White, Steven Yazzie, and Ofelia Zepeda.



A A Hedge Coke said...

I only saved about a third of the best works from the international journal Ahani (OSU), I guest-edited, to create a starter for the anthology Sing. 2/3 of this anthology was newly collected beyond any journal initiation of this volume. Cross-check when you can.

I am thrilled you are within! Thanks for the shout out. I worked on this for about six years running, so happy it is forthcoming now. Great poets and translators all.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Yes, it's a beautiful book, Tiffany! We're so lucky that Allison and U of AZ press went through all the work involved so we can have this gem to read.